Dont Let App Notifications Add to Your Election Night Anxiety

I will go one step more and state that you must tap somebody more tuned-in to be your individual filter for the night. Whitelist them on your phone if they call or text; or, even better, agree to utilize one messaging app– maybe something you rarely use– to remain in touch. That way, when you peek at your phone (yes, youll peek), you can just want to see if you have any brand-new messages from that one individual on that one particular app. Thats where youll get your significant news. And instruct them specifically about what sort of “major election night news” is worth showing you.
Youre essentially establishing an “accountabilibuddy,” a special someone will be your eyes and ears so you arent overwhelmed with 80 notifications each time a website, news channel, expert, or political enthusiast makes an useless prediction today.

Find a sanity friend and established a secret app with them
Were I you, I would just put my phone on do-not-disturb mode around 6 p.m. ET– when the polls begin closing– but really, most likely about an hour or 2 ahead of time. Or perhaps just the entire day. Its suggestions my coworker Beth currently covered, and she struck the nail on the head:
” At the really least, you require to shut off your notifications. If you overlook all my suggestions, the absolute bare minimum, must do is to set your phone to Do Not Disturb at whatever ungodly hour you finally turn in.”

Its Election Day, a day otherwise known as digital Hell. Some of you will welcome this, in spite of the reality that the burning wreckage of trash-filled vehicles were calling the 2020 election is more hyper-politicized than ever.

G/O Media might get a commission

If Im feeling like getting some election updates, I might hang out in a Reddit conversation thread, where Ill enjoy the news with a healthy dose of snark and GIFs. I might register for alerts from one Twitter individual, rather of any news app whatsoever, so they can determine the news updates for my terrible (or fantastic) evening. Perhaps Ill view a film. The possibilities are limitless, but none of them consist of “staring at CNN for hours on end.” I did that back in 2016 and I understand much better now. Fretting and scenario-diving for hours is bad for your psychological wellness. Mix your politics with something enjoyable.

It stands to factor that nearly every app associated to delivering the news will have some kind of election night protection– whichs just the news. Theres plenty of other associated programs to enjoy, from the Showtime show from our great rescuer, Stephen Colbert, to a live feed of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.
I do not have a strong preference for one news app or service over the other, save for more clearly neutral entities (like C-SPAN). Even C-SPAN just has a radio app, and listening to everyone opine on election results for hours is probably going to be more maddening than phone notices.

There are a lot of other apps you can depend on for election updates, but its difficult to say which ones will enter into overdrive with their alerts. Its going to be a crazy night, so I d stick with my earlier techniques if you wish to try to get control of your notifications.
Obviously, you could simply stay with your web internet browser and a more suppressed, no-talking-heads experience like 270towins live results map. With luck, today will be a one-night affair; in all probability, the 2020 election is going to drag out for days or weeks, so perhaps parking yourself in front of the computer system isnt actually needed this time around.

Im also a big fan of Androids “Flip to Shhh” function, if its present on your gadget. Leave your phone as it is during election night; if youre finding it a bit much at any given moment, simply set your phone on a surface screen-side down to automatically allow its Do Not Disturb mode. As soon as youre ready to jump back in, turn it over once again.
Select the ideal election night experience for you.

Possibly dont take the most major election of this generation so seriously.
I do not suggest to be glib. The stakes for today are substantial. But if youve already voted (or are planning to do so today), thats all you can do– unless you desire to take part in some last minute phone-banking or drive people to the polls. For most of us, its out of our hands after that. Why suffer a night of anxiety for something that, in all probability, will not be chosen tonight?

From there, pick one news app you appreciate and add it to your “Always Allowed” list so youll be able to access it and get its alerts. (We advise The Guardians app, however youre free to choose whatever you prefer.).
On Android, pull up your gadgets “Digital Wellbeing” alternatives in Settings and use the “Focus mode” alternative to obstruct alerts from “distracting” apps– every news app but the one that will get you through election night.

Im likewise going to spend a long time playing games– World of Warcraft, particularly, though Ill need to sign out of every in-game chat in order to not get overwhelmed by insane political giants.

Its Election Day, a day otherwise understood as digital Hell. And instruct them specifically about what kind of “major election night news” is worth sharing with you.
Leave your phone as it is throughout election night; if youre discovering it a bit much at any given moment, just set your phone on a surface area screen-side down to instantly enable its Do Not Disturb mode. Be your own controller for when and how you want to ingest the latest election updates.
If Im feeling like getting some election updates, I might hang out in a Reddit discussion thread, where Ill delight in the news with a healthy dose of snark and GIFs.

As constantly, if any of these apps get too spammy with their notices, silence them– or, at least, avoid them from dropping onto your lock screen. Be your own controller for when and how you want to consume the most current election updates.
On Android, youll get a comparable real-time counting experience by searching for “Election results” on your Google app. And if you want a widget that pulls in results from, say, FiveThirtyEight, thats easy enough to install.

Instead, do something else. Erase Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from your mind, if not your phone. Escape election night protection and try taking pleasure in the splendor of 50 states that are, in all likelihood, about to experience a wild few months. A minimum of, thats what I plan to do, via this livestream from meditation app Calm and the news company NowThis:.

Trim, but do not switch off, your notices
I highly advise going through your settings and developing a firewall so ypu arent troubled by everything at as soon as if you do not want to completely disconnect from the outdoors world. Heres how that works:
On iOS, consider establishing Screen Times “Downtime” function to run the whole day– or a minimum of during the prime-time hours of election insanity. Then, use “App Limits” to block the entire “Information & & Reading” classification (and perhaps “Social,” too). This will guarantee you cant access any of your news apps by default, and none of their alerts will turn up on your device.

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