Lenovos Thinkpad C13 Yoga is a Chromebook built for the office

Lenovo has unveiled the Thinkpad C13 Yoga Chromebook, joining HP and Dell in offering Chrome OS powered laptops for businesses. The idea is to provide the security and organizational features of Chrome OS and Googles Workspace (formerly G Suite) apps for business IT departments not wedded to Microsofts Office365 community.
The C13 Yoga is perhaps the best-looking business Chromebook so far, with an “Abyss Blue” aluminum chassis and purposeful design. It packs sensible specs, including an AMD Ryzen 7 3700C processor, 13.3-inch 1080p display with narrow bezels, lots of ports and WiFi 6 capability. Its likewise relatively light for a convertible at 3.3 pounds, and is simply 15.5 mm thick.

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