Long Voting Lines. How Americans Are Settling in for a Wait

“As individuals, weve all developed more of a capability for hate,” stated Angela Smith, 35, among about a lots people waiting to vote at the Bigler Street ballot place in South Philadelphia Tuesday morning. “We are all capable of disliking in a manner that I didnt think was possible up until now.”
Ms. Smith, an instructor, primarily laid the blame on the Trump administration, which she said had actually sent out misinformation “and all kinds of things that get people churning and burning.”
” In my life time, Ive never seen anything like this in America,” she stated.
Michael Miller, director and co-founder of the New York Meditation Center, said it was very important not to play out unpleasant scenarios in ones head.
” This entire season has actually been concentrated on speculating about what is going to occur,” he said. “But getting caught up in the moment-by-moment question of what outcomes are can be found in– that has never been good practice.”
Remain in the present, he counseled. Tidy your oven, rake some leaves, go for a walk, remove your shoes, feel the carpet on your feet. Breathe.
” If you think, Dont think about the election, dont think of the election, dont think about the election, then the election has become your mantra,” he stated, “and thats not going to do you any good.”
Throughout the day, officials exhorted the public to remain calm and not to expect a result too quickly.
In a joint statement, officials from a disparate union of groups– the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; the National Association of Evangelicals; the A.F.L.-C.I. O; and the National African American Clergy Network– implored people to wait peacefully up until every last vote had actually been counted.

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