The best fitness gadgets for the athlete in your life

Athleta Made to Move mask
Will Lipman Photography/ Athleta An extremely 2020 present for athletes: a mask for outside workouts. I love Athletas Made to Move mask for ladies, whose nose bridge and adjustable ear hooks make it the most comfy choice Ive attempted. Its sold as a $25 three-pack in 2 color themes: warm reds and purples, and cool blues and blacks. For a unisex alternative, this Under Armour mask looks appealing (simply get the sizing right). I likewise like the look of this adjustable mask. You just have 2 sizes to pick from here; less of an opportunity youll get it incorrect.
Purchase Made to Move masks (3-pack) at Athleta – $25.
Apple Watch Series 6.
Will Lipman Photography/ Apple For people who are just ever going to own one watch, the Apple Watch is regularly the best all-purpose alternative. As a fitness watch, its less robust than purpose-built gadgets like Garmins Forerunner line, but its good enough for many people.
Like in 2015s Series 5, the new Series 6 has a built-in ECG test to detect irregular heart rates, and this variation likewise adds an always-on altimeter (excellent for hikers) and a blood oxygen sensor that runs in the background, even while you sleep. Its likewise just typically quicker (and faster-charging) than the last-gen model, with somewhat longer battery life to boot.
The only caution, of course: Your giftee requires an iPhone user for them to utilize an Apple Watch. If your liked one is an Android individual, we suggest the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.
Buy Apple Watch Series 6 at Amazon – $385 Buy Apple Watch Series 6 at Walmart – $385.
Garmin Forerunner 245.
Will Lipman Photography/ Garmin Whenever anybody asks me what GPS sports enjoy they ought to purchase, my default suggestion is always the midrange alternative from Garmins Forerunner line. And dont be tricked by the name either– despite the obvious emphasis on running, the 245 also tracks other activities like cycling, stair makers, ellipticals, indoor rowing and swimming pool swimming.
As a Garmin user myself, I appreciate its attempts to quantify my training load (too much, too little or ideal?) and also its breakdown showing how taxing my workout was, both for aerobic and anaerobic training. Just as crucial, Ive owned several Garmins now, and the battery life is always enough time to get me through a marathon with juice to spare.
And keep in mind, this is just the midrange design– youre not missing much by avoiding Garmins highest-end running watches. For the cash (approximately $600 on more expensive models), youre generally getting high-ends like contactless payments and onboard music storage, which are overkill for many people.
Buy Forerunner 245 at Amazon – $300 Buy Forerunner 245 at Walmart – $300.
Amazfit Bip S.
Will Lipman Photography/ Amazfit I reviewed the Bip S for Engadget on something of a lark, mostly because Since was intrigued captivated the idea of a $60 sports watch. My main problem was that the user interface feels unpolished, but that wont stop the professional athlete in your life from getting a great workout in.
Buy Amazfit Bip S at Amazon – $60 Buy Amazfit Bip S at Walmart – $60.
Beats Powerbeats Pro.
Will Lipman Photography/ Beats I recently evaluated a handful of wireless workout headphones, and the Beats Powerbeats Pro is the set Im lured to purchase for myself. The behind-the-ear hook style feels tough and comfy, while the onboard controls are easy to master, partly because theyre the same on both the left and ideal earbuds.
The main downsides are that the ear-hook style wasnt always comfy to use with sunglasses, and the charging case is reasonably heavy. (It also charges via a Lightning cable television, which will be less of a problem for iPhone owners.) Even if your giftee isnt an iPhone user, the headset reacts to voice commands for all the major assistants: Siri, Alexa and Google.
Purchase Powerbeats Pro at Amazon – $250 Buy Powerbeats Pro at Walmart – $250.
Jabra Elite Active 75t.
Jabra My other leading pick in that wireless workout earphone guide was Jabras Elite Active 75t. Its onboard controls are at first more confusing than the Powerbeats Pro, the 75t has a discreet in-ear design that blends in better with street clothes. I likewise discovered the companys HearThrough tech does a good job balancing audio playback with letting ambient sound in, making it much safer to run outside.
Purchase Elite Active 75t at Amazon – $200 Buy Elite Active 75t at Walmart – $200.
Hyperice Vyper 2.0.
They harm to use, especially after a penalizing workout, but you know what hurts more? Hyperice claims that vibration therapy allows users to restore 40 percent more variety of movement than they would have with simply standard foam rolling. That stated, if ever your giftee discovers themselves low on battery, they can still utilize the Vyper as a regular roller.
Buy Hyperice Vyper 2.0 at Amazon – $200.
Theragun Mini.
Its roughly pound-and-a-half weight indicates athletes can load it in their bag for walkings and races, while the little ball accessory can fit in locations where a conventional roller cant, like your hamstring or the sole of your foot. There are 3 adjustable speeds and, if your giftee wants more options, theres an ecosystem of interchangeable heads (yes, simply like some power tools).
Buy Theragun Mini at Amazon – $200 Buy Theragun Mini at Walmart – $200.
YogaToes GEMS.
YogaToes I do not own YogaToes– yet– however theyre on my wishlist. This little doodad slips in between your toes, separating them simply enough to offer those little muscles a proper stretch. The company claims they can assist in treating and preventing plantar fasciitis, a typical running injury. Theyre likewise said to help more chronic foot conditions like hammer toes, bunions, crossed or overlapping toes, and flat feet. The YogaToes come in two styles– Original and GEMS– but we suggest the latter for the majority of people as it has an adjustable frame.
Purchase YogaToes GEMS at Amazon – $30.
Goodr Running Sunglasses.
Will Lipman Photography/ Goodr Lots of my runner pals rock Goodr sunglasses, and for good reason (pun inevitable): Theyre lightweight, economical and they stay put even as your face gets sweaty. As you can see, I stopped short of recommending a particular design here, and thats due to the fact that the choice is just frustrating– and I indicate that in the very best way. The website permits you to shop by sport or frame design, and from there you can filter by lens and frame colors, head size or lens type (the options are clear, gradient, non-reflective and reflective). Clearly youll need to have supreme confidence in your understanding of your giftees style. However, its tough to go wrong with a set of the plain black OGs. (Plus, at $25 theyre a strong equipping stuffer.).
Purchase Goodr sunglasses at Amazon – $25.
Run Fast. Consume Slow.
Will Lipman Photography/ Run Fast. Perhaps its that she was the first American lady to win the New York City Marathon in 40 years, or possibly its just her potty mouth. I own the initial volume, Run Fast.
Purchase Run Fast. Eat Slow at Amazon – $18 Buy Run Fast. Consume Slow at Walmart – $18.
Implus Yaktrax.
Will Lipman Photography/ Implus Think of Yaktrax as snow tires for running shoes: a rubber cleat with steel spikes and a velcro strap that tightens up around the top of your foot. I asked for these myself a couple of vacation seasons earlier, when I decided I wished to continue running outdoors through the winter. That extra traction makes it more secure to run through snow and slush, and runners may feel less stress in their calves and ankles, which otherwise have to work overtime to keep you balanced. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic going strong, there are most likely lots of professional athletes who cant return to a gym right now, or arent ready to take the threat. Rubber cleats will assist them remain active throughout the winter season– with less concern about taking a nasty spill.
Purchase Yaktrax at Amazon – $22 Buy Yaktrax at Walmart – $24.
Apace Vision LED security lights.
Will Lipman Photography/ Apace Vision Even if your giftee isnt likely to run in the snow, opportunities are theyll find themselves running in dim light this season, with the sun setting as early as 4:30 pm. It d be overkill to provide someone a headlamp, so how about small, affordable clip-on lights to help them remain visible in the dark? My coworker Valentina Palladino (likewise a runner) is a fan of Apace Visions clip-on LED lights, which have a light-weight, weather-resistant design and offer three usage modes: a constant radiance, a sluggish flash and a much faster strobe. For $18 you get a two-pack, and they can be clipped to a family pets collar, making them similarly useful for nighttime pet dog strolls and after-work jogs.
Buy Apace Vision safety lights at Amazon – $18.
Nathan Hydration packs.
Now I utilize it for nearly every run, specifically as the weather condition gets cooler and many of the public drinking fountains in New York City shut off for the winter. Plus, not having to stop at crowded water stations assists me shave at least a couple of minutes off race time.
Nathan offers different capability alternatives with silhouettes for both women and guys. The one I own has a two-liter detachable water pouch– enough to get me through nearly an entire marathon. Although schlepping 2 liters of water on your back takes some getting utilized to, the pack is comfortable to wear thanks to adjustable shoulder straps and a helpful chest strap. Plus, that chest strap has a groove where you can keep the connected straw when youre not using it.
Aside from having simple access to all the water you could require, the other benefit of wearing a hydration vest are all the storage choices. Nathans bags offer a mix of back-facing pockets and front pockets, which I utilize to carry my phone, secrets, Gu packages, salt pills and sometimes even a mobile power bank.
Buy Nathan Hydration Pack at Amazon – $90 Shop Nathan Hydration Packs at Moosejaw.
Strava Premium.
Strava If youre shopping for a stylish person, opportunities are they have an account on Strava, a social network where athletes can upload their exercises and cheer on each others efforts. And its not just running either: The app likewise celebrates biking, treking, walking, elliptical exercises and more.
Buy Strava Premium – $5/month.
Withings Body+.
Will Lipman Photography/ Withings Though numerous brands now make WiFi scales, it was Withings that began the pattern back in 2009. I own the Body+ and appreciate its contemporary design, slick buddy app and capability to log not just my weight, but my body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and hydration. The scale can acknowledge approximately 8 users, which is practical when theres more than one individual in your house, and theres likewise a pregnancy mode for females who may otherwise fear a smart gadget judging their weight gain. Withings also plays nice with loads of third-party apps, allowing you to sync your weight to calorie counters like MyFitnessPal. As a perk, youll see the regional weather condition forecast flash on the screen when you step on the scale, indicating one less app to open while youre getting ready in the early morning.
Purchase Withings Body+ at Amazon – $93.

Will Lipman Photography/ Garmin Whenever anybody asks me what GPS sports view they must purchase, my default recommendation is constantly the midrange alternative from Garmins Forerunner line. Purchase Run Fast. Consume Slow at Amazon – $18 Buy Run Fast. Will Lipman Photography/ Apace Vision Even if your giftee isnt most likely to run in the snow, opportunities are theyll discover themselves running in dim light this season, with the sun setting as early as 4:30 pm. And its not simply running either: The app also celebrates cycling, hiking, walking, elliptical exercises and more.

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